Giant Hamburger Stool Reminds You of the Day you Fell In Love With Hamburgers

Once upon a time, before fast food really got started there was bread, and there was meat. Both equals, but separate. And then one day something magical happened. Due to a lack of time to eat, the hamburger sandwich was created, and we’ve never looked back. The standard American eats nearly 3 burgers a week and it’s no wonder why. 50 billion burgers go through America’s belly a year.

Lettuce, tomato, gooey cheese, what more could you ask for? If you’re really fiending for something delicious for that man cave of yours, Damol International is hand painting your favorite fast food item in their Giant Hamburger Stool. High quality and made from durable Polyresin, this tribute will remind you of that fateful day when you discovered love in your first hamburger.

Giant Hamburger Stool 1 Giant Hamburger Stool 2 Giant Hamburger Stool 3


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