Giant Eyeball Beach Ball Gives You That Third Eye You’ve Been Missing

Looking to set yourself apart this summer? Big fan of those Clear Eyes commercials with Ben Stein? Um, you do know they make those eye beach balls, right? Don’t be monotonous, get creative. If you’re just notorious for your irritated eyes or you’re looking to make a statement, tell your friends that Eye Know Better with a Giant Eyeball Beach Ball.

Though they’re made by NPW, we’re pretty sure Ben Stein had something to do with this. Measuring 19.5 inches in diameter, this beach ball is eye catching and is sure to surprise your friends when you’re throwing this at them point blank.

So don’t roll your eyes, let your friends know you’ve got an eye on them and keep them on their feet. And while you’re at it, give em’ the hairy eyeball!




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