Giant Big Mouth Bass Mug Is The Fish You’ll Make Out With Every Day To Enjoy Your Coffee

C’mon, everybody. We know you know the words.

“The best part of waking up…is guzzling chai from the gaping maw of a fish.”

It sure is.

How long has your morning java jolt wanted for the savory breakfast atmosphere that only pouring a choice beverage into a bass’s throat can offer? If you answered with any retort except “Nuts to you, Internet, I’m imbibing a fine French roast via some fish’s mouth right now,” then you have settled for a fish-free morning far too long.

(As an aside, please, reassure us you just happen to own the Giant Big Mouth Bass Mug and aren’t, in fact, serving your drinks in fish carcasses…or live ones.)

The Giant Big Mouth Bass Mug from Big Mouth, Inc. holds up to 20 ounces of the get-up-and-go beverage of your choice. When that lifeless fish-eye peers into yours with every sip with that “Why? WHY?” stare, you’ll know you’ve set your hook into a great day.

Perfect for morning-person anglers everywhere, not to mention, people who drink from fish bodies. So lets go out and find fish!

Giant Big Mouth Bass Mug

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