Giant African Snail Is A Garden’s Nightmare

Not every likes to work outside in the garden, mostly because of the critters that live there, like snails, especially if they are as large as this Giant African Land Snail! How ‘big’ is the ‘Giant’ African Land Snail? It’s enormous! It’s shell is nearly 12 inches long, and 6 inches in diameter, and it would easily plow over any plant in a typical garden.

To hold one of these behemoths would require two hands and some forearm space, as you can plainly see from the above picture. And, if you are thinking this is trick photography, or a photoshop crop, think again, it’s real. You can check out @whatmaddness twitter account who took the picture.

As cute as some may call ‘it’, this type of snail is considered invasive, a real pest because they can gobble through a garden eating any vegetation that stands in their way. Just imagine a thousands snails in your garden, rolled into one gigantic monster snail, then you can get an idea of the damage it can do to your garden. If that isn’t enough to imagine, these snails can lay over a thousand eggs in their lifetime.


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