Ghostbusters Stay Puft Mug Can Handle the Heat Even When Toasted

No one will ever truly forget the comedy-action combination that was Ghostbusters. Though you may be excited about the 2016 hit, if you’ve taken a lot at the pictures available so far you’ll see that the main characters are all female.Yes, that’s right. There will be no continuation of the original franchise storyline. Though the reason why may be largely unknown, you’re bound to get a hankering for a special cameo. While sources say that’s probably going to happen, in the meantime get puft up about the new series of ghost-slaying adventures with a 20-ounce Stay Puft Marshmallow Face Mug.

On your good days you can use the gleeful smiling Marshmallow man side, but if you’re not feeling the joy, embrace your darker side with the bloodthirsty monster New York has come to fear. No one can match your puffy grumpiness! Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Face Mug (1)Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Face Mug (2)

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