Ghostbusters Mr. Potato Head Is On The Way, Who You Gonna Call?

“Ghostbusters” fans have waited a good, long while for a new chapter to introduce New York’s finest paranormal protectors to a whole new generation and reunite us O.G.s (y’know, Original Ghostbusters) with all the charm of the originals. We’ve waited 27 years, to be more or less exact. Damn right, we’ll snap up every toyetic tribute we can, and PPW Toys expanding their PopTaters line to include Ghostbusters Mr. Potato Heads is no exception.

The upcoming releases include a Mr. Potato Head Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a Potato-fied Ghostbuster donning the iconic jumpsuit and goggles with a certain unlicensed nuclear accelerator strapped to his back. We like to think that’s Egon Spengler himself watching over us from that lovable spuds big, white eyes.

The PopTaters “Ghostbusters” Mr. Potato Heads hit retailers everywhere this June for $20 each.

Ghostbusters Mr. Potato Head (1)Ghostbusters Mr. Potato Head (2)Ghostbusters Mr. Potato Head 3

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