Get Rolling with Scented Duct Tape

What’s worse than the sound of duct tape as you unroll it? How about the smell? Yeesh! Before you start spraying the Febreeze, take a look at something new before you get all wrapped up in the moment. Whether you just hate the smell or you’d rather have something pleasant to look forward to on your next move, Duck Tape is making your Duct Tape experience bearable with fresher scents.

Gotta have everything pristine and fresh? Get squeaky clean with their mint scent. More of a baked goods junkie? Get cooking with their cupcake scent. Just don’t put it in your mouth! Creamsicle deprived? Don’t give the cold shoulder, get some orange-cream scented tape.

Regardless of your personal taste Duck Tape is creating a commotion with their new scents that leave your lunch where it belongs. In your stomach!

Scented Duct Tape 1 Scented Duct Tape 7 Scented Duct Tape 6 Scented Duct Tape 5 Scented Cake Slice Scented Duct Tape 3 Scented Duct Tape 2

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