George Takei Talking Pen Screams Oh, Myyy!… and All Is Right With The World

Every Star Trek era had its noble, iconic captain. Only one had George Takei.

With all due respect to Steve Carrel’s lovably jerky Michael Scott, “That’s what she said” is a witty but very…specialized volley for innuendo. Now, the rich baritone of Takei’s bemused, shocked and even a bit titillated “Oh, myyy?” That’s a versatile utterance that punctuates an awkward silence among friends and co-workers as deftly as it caps Joan from accounting muttering over Duane’s ill-prepared spreadsheets that “This is just too hard to grasp.”

HA! See? You thought it, didn’t you?

George Takei Talking Pen

Perhaps you first heard the infamous Oh, Myyy! on the Howard Stern Show who uses the phrase as a sound bite in virtually every show. Never again gamble an alignment of fleeting-as-a-heartbeat cheeky comedic rhythm on an iffy approximation of the beloved actor/giant-hearted activist/maestro of online pun-tification, thanks to the George Takei Talking “Oh, My!!!” Pen. With but a press of the pen top, the voice of the Patron Saint of Great and Geeky Causes will capture the “You had to be there…” as only he ever could.

We hear it’s already at the top of Tim Hardaway’s Amazon wish list. Remember, his birthday is Sept. 1. Hint, hint.

For the record, we would go Takei in a second flat for a companion pen that announces, “You are made of stupid.” Emperor Yoshiro FTW, people.

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