Genuine Replica Irish Telefon Box Brings Emerald Island Charm Home

Here is handmade replica of that unmistakable Irish telefon box that residence of Emerald Island used to contact the rest of the world. The number of green and white telefon boxes grew, not only out of necessity, but these also became very popular among residence and visitors beginning in the 1920’s, making the Irish telefon an icon to be proud of.

All of the old iconic boxes are gone now, dismantled and thrown out, only a very few have survived and are in working order. Thankfully, now, if you want to have your own hand-made replica of a piece of Irish telecommunication history, you can, thanks to master wood crafters in Dublin.

Comparable in every way, from the crown molded roof, 18-pane windows, and down to the emerald-green exterior, this replica has all the charm of the original, minus the phone.


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