Genetic Switch Breakthrough May Significantly Extend Human Life

Who doesn’t want to live as long as possible? Most people, if given the chance, would want to live forever, but scientists haven’t figured it out ‘yet’. However, they are getting closer to figuring out how to extend life in worms and rats, and that is important because positive results can benefit mankind.

Scientists have recently discovered vital links of identified epigenetic modifiers to metabolism and lifespan in worms and rats, and these important enzymes could make longer lifespans possible in humans. In test result using rats, increases in life span of 35% was observed, and through a greater understanding of the effects this has had on the mitochondria, diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer can prevented from developing.

Its all pretty complicated, but you can read more about it yourself. Basically, scientists are using these findings to paint an ever larger picture of understanding that will show them how to reprogram the human body’s metabolism to not only extend life, but to improve health by eliminating the cause of disease.

Source – Gizmag via Berkley

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