Geko Smart Whistle Uses GPS Tracking & Bluetooth To Get You Help When You Need It

Traveling or exercising outdoors, especially in uncharted areas can be scary, when your alone, but you don’t have to be out of reach from help. The Geko Smart Whistle has an app that lets you use Bluethtooth to sync with your smartphone, and then to someone you love. It will let them know exactly where you are, using GPS tracking on Google maps.

This lets you feel safer, just knowing that someone who cares about you knows exactly where you are at all times, especially if you need help. Using the app, you can set Geko to produce a very loud alarm that is meant to draw attention, and to ward of would-be attackers. At the same time, it will alarm whoever you want because as soon as you blow into it, it will activate your smartphone and alert your loved one that you need help.

It will also begin to audio record once the alarm has been triggered, and will continue to do so until you turn it off. This smart whistle is ideal for anyone who finds themselves alone, such as while hiking, fishing, jogging, or while taking long drives, now you don’t have to feel alone, because you’re only a whistle away from help.

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