Geek Fuel Monthly Mystery Box Of All The Geeky Stuff & Prizes You Could Ever Want

We typically rate the enjoyability of holiday-season shopping for our nearest and dearest somewhere between hypotheticals gigs as Hillary Clinton’s personal IT concierge and sensitivity counselor to Donald Trump. That being said, you could surely understand why the Geek Fuel Mega Pack is nothing short of a godsend. The geeky goods in generous introductory crate alone are enough to make a sizable dent in our gift-giving needs and still leave us three more loaded schwag bundles to either dole out among our circles or just hoard for ourselves.

This one-time-only gigantic haul just for new subscribers introduces you to monthly boxes of games, toys, comics, t-shirts, and more exclusive loot with an especially valuable Welcome Box containing at least $75 worth of nerdy treasures. After that, you will receive a standard Geek Fuel box valued at $50 or more once a month for the next three months. Your three-month plan renews automatically each quarter for the ridiculously affordable price of $68.70 every three months. Feel free to pause or cancel at any time.

Domestic members will be charged $6 for each shipping and handling of each Mega Pack box at checkout ($24 total). International subscribers pay $12 per box. Expect small additional costs for XXL and XXXL t-shirt sizes.

But you don’t need to settle for this Mega Pack. No way…. Geek fuel has tons of mega pack plans that are mouth watering enough for any geek from a 1 month subscription to a full year of geeky goodness. Also, by becoming a member, you are automatically entered into member-only contests that has prizes valued at hundreds of bucks that include PS4 or Xbox One for example.


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