Gecko Magnetic Wireless Charger Tops Off Any Smartphone’s Juice

Differences in operating systems, specs and a few unique standard apps aside, there aren’t many singular features that set the most modern smartphones apart from one another for their added practicality. Among the few standouts, wireless charging is indeed an especially convenient space-saving feature that serves as a major selling point among the most advanced handsets.

Gecko bids a welcome farewell to having to choose between a wireless-charging smartphone and the handset you actually want, thanks to a two-part system that tops off a battery’s juice anywhere there’s an empty USB port.

The ultra-thin charging pad’s array of micro-connectors plugs right into any handset’s charging port. The adapter or dongle automatically aligns with the magnetized charging pad after being tapped into a power bank and/or charging cable’s USB connection and sets off the charging process.

You’ll never again need to dress your phone in an extra-bulky charging case. Where there’s a USB port, there’s a charger – no direct plug-in for your handset necessary.

Gecko sets consisting of a connector, adapter in your choice of either micro USB or lightning connection and dongle can be yours today for only a $14 pre-order, thanks to Gecko’s ongoing Indiegogo campaign.

Gecko-Magnetic-Wireless-Charging-System (3)Gecko-Magnetic-Wireless-Charging-System (2)Gecko-Magnetic-Wireless-Charging-System (1)

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