Gearhead Shifter Antique Brass Pen Drives You Through Boring Meetings & Documents With Speed

In today’s world of technological advancements, the written signature still has the weight of authority and is used in all legal contracts, financial transaction, in schools. And, personal penmanship in correspondence is now more valued than an email or a text, as a way to show someone that you value them enough to actually ‘write’ a letter.

While there are a plethora of ink pens and styles available, most are disposable and are not made to last, and definitely not made to give a lasting impression. However, some pens are exactly the opposite, like this unique and very stylish, Gearhead Shifter Antique Brass Pen.

Designed with car enthusiasts in mind, its design features a H-pattern, 5-speed gearshift configuration made of brass that is recognized by anyone who knows how to drive a stick. The cap is cleverly designed as a tire with a ‘little’ hubcap, and the detail is extraordinary.

Basically, it is raring to go when you are, but hold onto your horses, the pen’s frame is crafted from a real Indian Water Buffalo Horn. Now, that’s classy!

If you love automobiles, and you want others to know it, then make your mark on the dotted line.

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When you need to write fast, this pen can shift into high gear

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