Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera Has Live Streaming, Voice Control & GPS

With programs like Photoshop and video editing tools, what you see on-screen is not always how things truly are. For those who ‘claim’ to record awesome moments of grandeur – climbing the highest mountain, diving off perilous cliffs, paragliding, skydiving, skiing, biking, or any other physical feat, there is a way to prove you actually did those things.

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera, it can prove you been there, and done that, by capturing performance data from Garmin devices to verify how fast, far, and high you went, your heart rate and the G-force involved in doing ‘whatever’ you’re doing.

It can verify location with built-in GPS, and capture video and still images in clear HD, or in ultra slow-mo mode. The 1.75-inch LCD touchscreen is easy to use, and the camera allows you to capture steady footage, no matter what your doing, with an image stabilizer.

With the waterproof case, there is no worrying about venturing out in the rain or snow to capture your magic moments; you can even live-stream yourself in action, so your friends can witness your epic fails or successes. Either way, you can now prove you’ve been there, and done that, with this camera.







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