Garmin Varia Radar Gives Bikers the Gift of Precognition

If you’ve went on a bike ride recently, you probably felt more fear than joy. You know the traffic laws, but some people just seem aimed at mowing you over. Hell, you put on a helmet and installed reflective lights. What else do you have to do to have a nice drama-free bike ride?

Know If Someone Is Coming From Behind You

Garmin, everyone’s favorite navigation company has come up with a device that’ll warn you of oncoming cars so you don’t have to freak when someone zooms inches away from you. They call it the Varia Radar, and it warns of cars coming from behind you on your next bike trek.

This tech consists of a light transmitter attaches to your seatpost and a display unit mounted to the handlebars for an easy glance. An LED tail light will beam brighter as the approaching car gets closer to you just in case they’re blind to their surroundings. Phoebe Hallowell’s got nothing on this.

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Source – Engadget
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