Garmin BabyCam is GPS and Eyes In The Back Of A Driver’s Head

No need for eyes in the back of your head or further bellowed threats of “Don’t make me come back there!” Garmin hasn’t just helped ensure that dashboard GPS navigation units survive the evolutionary leaps in GPS-equipped smartphones with continued usefulness. Their newly minted headrest-mounted babyCam beams a feed of the backseat right up front and allows parents to navigate soundly while making sure that no sibling Wet-Willy goes unpunished.

The removable accessory streams an ongoing rearview up to 30 feet wirelessly to the compatible Garmin GPS hardware. Just as much as it is a safety-minded gift of peace of mind for parents with toddlers in carseats, there will be no doubting who punched who, who took whose toys, who looked at who funny, and who really started a civil war by declaring that Goku kicks Superman’s butt 99 times out of 100.

The Garmin babyCam’s night-vision mode also lets drivers check on their babies at night without disturbing attempted slumbers with an interior light. Just to further minimize distractions, voice commands allow parents to swap from maps and directions into the video feed and back again on the fly. Upon arrival at the destination, the GPS and babyCam will even remind parents to make sure all passengers are out of the vehicle before they exit, just to make sure no one accidentally leaves behind a sleeping infant.


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Garmin BabyCam
Garmin BabyCam
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