Garden Igloo Gives You Your Very Own Geodesic Dome in Your Back Yard

Sheds are cool and all because they give you somewhere to store your garden tools and to sit outside while reading a book. They let you feel as though you’re being outdoors without actually having to be outdoors which is handy seeing as being outside is often annoying (think bees and sunburn).

The Garden Igloo is like a shed, only much more awesome. Essentially it’s a completely transparent dome that’s made from rot-free and recyclable materials. It’s 2.2 meters high at the center and has all kinds of uses whether you want it to be a Jacuzzi cover, a greenhouse or an ‘office pod‘. Either way it will let you enjoy the sights of nature while hiding from the bright sunlight or from the wind. It actually looks pretty beautiful too.

What’s best about this is that it’s super easy to erect too. The Garden Igloo comes with step-by-step instructions and requires zero foundations. It’s well suited to sitting on a patio and is very strong and stable despite being light.

Whether you want a funhouse for your kids or a conservatory this is an easy and awesome way to get one!

Garden Igloo Dome Garden Igloo Dome Garden Igloo Dome Garden Igloo Dome Garden Igloo Dome Garden Igloo Dome

Source – Inhabitat

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