Garden Critter Solar Lights Will Liven Up Your Garden With Cute Light

Need solar lights for your garden but also want to decorate it with some weird little critters? Why not do both at once with these garden critter solar lights?

These little critters are presumably… gopher type things?? And look pretty much as though they crawled out from your imagination. They’re also wearing strange steampunk style goggles giving them bright shining eyes. They’d look pretty creepy if they weren’t so darn cheery…

The result is a garden lit up by a ton of little rodents gazing around and grinning. It’s really rather charming and a great way to bring some life and light to your yard!

Product Features:

  • Illuminate your garden pathways
  • Solar panel on the back
  • Cast from rugged weather-proof polyresin
  • Gopher and Raccoon varieties available
  • On/Off switch, just in case you don’t want them lighting up
  • Use them to re-enact the classic “nice beaver!” scene from Naked Gun (and then receive a slap because neither of them are actually beavers)
  • Much more fun than your average gnome


Garden Critter Solar Lights Garden Critter Solar Lights 2 Garden Critter Solar Lights 3 Garden Critter Solar Lights 4 Garden Critter Solar Lights 6


Source – FireBox


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