Garbage Pail Kids 30 Years Later Make the Wait Worthwhile

If you remember Cabbage Patch kids, then you definitely must remember the Garbage Pail Kids. The parody of the G-Rated Cabbage Patch kids gave them a run for their money, and just because they’ve been out of the limelight doesn’t mean they haven’t been up to nothing.

Check out these freakish pieces of art 30 years later on. Bony Tony’s no longer the innocent zipper skull kid. He’s making his money taking it off at the strip club! Noah Body took his poor roots and became a successful CEO. And Armpit Britt…Well she’s a little bitter these days serving whiskey sours at the local dive.

Whether you’re just nostalgic or simply wanted to see how far down the rabbit hole these freaks went, check em’ out!



Source – BrutonStroube

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