Gamevice Game Controller Turns Your iPad Into The Ultimate Portable Gaming Machine

Do you have an iPad? Do you play games on it? Are you having trouble getting to the next level of your favorite iPad game? Well, if you are then you know how frustrating it can be trying to control your aim while playing games like Call of Duty, or jump with accuracy in action games like the new Donkey Kong game, or trying to drive and shoot at the same time while playing GTO. Thankfully, there is help for you.

Introducing a cure for your iPad gaming frustrations, and it’s called ‘Gamevice’. What is it? Oh, it’s just a game controller attachment that turns your little iPad into a… ‘badass’ iPad gaming machine, according to reviews from Does it really improve game play?

Well, when you mount the Gamevice game controller onto your iPad mini, iPhone 6, or iPad Air, the game control pads keep your hands off the screen and that makes your mobile device feel more like a little laptop computer/gaming console. And, its sturdy twin triggers, dual analog sticks and classic gaming pad button layout makes playing your iPad games so much easier. So, yes, the Gamevice definitely improves your game play.

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Gaming on iPad just got Better

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