GameSir G5 Console Controller For Your MOBA Smartphone Gaming Makes Your Battles Better

Ever since smartphones started getting more powerful processors and beautiful displays, the popularity of serious mobile gaming has skyrocketed. Whether you’re playing to pass time at the airport or playing on the toilet, playing on your phone gives you convenient access to gaming at all times. Unfortunately, the small size of playing on a smartphone screen can make it difficult to play and control. This is especially true for multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games which are exceedingly popular on mobile devices. That’s where the GameSir G5 comes in. It is designed to give you the feel and control of a console all while playing on your phone. For those looking for a leg up in competition or those frustrated with touch controls, this is gold.

The GameSir G5 is designed for control and efficiency. It comes with a vast array of buttons, triggers, and touchpads to give you effortless control. The left side features a D-pad and a traditional analog stick, as well as some other function buttons. On the right side, a capacitive touch pad lets you swipe like it was the real screen. However, it also comes with four buttons built into the touchpad for extra convenience. There are an additional eight buttons surrounding that which you can map for nearly anything. On the back are the standard triggers which are mechanical and feature very low resistance.

The GameSir G5 features a fold up center which cradles your smartphone perfectly in place for proper viewing. It holds it at an angle between 110 and 150 degrees which you can adjust to your preference. The controller communicates with your phone via Bluetooth 5.0, giving you the fastest connection speed available with extreme reliability. If you are a fan of gaming on your phone, but are tired of touch controls or want a leg up, the GameSir G5 is for you.

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