Game of Thrones Pop Figures Keep You Company While Waiting For the White Walkers

If you are a Game of Thrones fan (and, who isn’t?), then you will definitely want to cast your eyes on these little Pop Game of Thrones Vinyl Figures. Everyone has their favorite characters on the show, such as the brilliant Tyrion, Jon Snow (King of The North), Bran (the Sellsword), Tormund (the wildling), Wun Wun, and even the conniving Cersei (ruler of the seven kingdoms) has dedicated fans that would love to get their hands on a piece of the Iron Throne too.

Like most GOT fans, you too can surround your space with Game of Thrones ‘stuff’, like these adorable and collectible POP vinyl figures of your favorite characters. While waiting for the next episode of GOT, these popular characters of the show will keep you company to help pass the time.


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