Game Of Thrones Iron Throne Cat Bed Reminds All Men Who Rules Over The Kingdom

What’s this “you win or you die” crap? Mittens has solved our ridiculous human absolutism in a cagey fashion typical of the cunning we’ve come to expect not from a Lannister or Stark, but Lord Varys or Littlefinger: let the idiot bipeds fight and kill each other over the Iron Throne. Meanwhile, if it fits, the kitty sits. Consequently, if there’s nobody left alive to shoo him off his seat, well…get it over with and bend the knee, human.

This handmade “Game of Thrones” cat furniture is handmade to order from fleece, plastic, polyester filling and silver tissue and ships anywhere in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros from Etsy creator MadeForPets. Bring one home for your house’s own troublemaking four-legged imp today.

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