Game Of Thrones Funko POP! New Releases Star Daeny On Drogon & Night King

Brace yourself. Winter is coming. It is coming, and it is adorable.

With another surely superb, violent and almost uncomfortably sexy season of “Game of Thrones” so close we can taste it, there’s no better time for a fresh rollout of Funko’s latest POP! Vinyl homages to George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice & Fire.

Look, we’re going to try to be fair to the entirety of this latest lineup. It isn’t that Stannis Baratheon or Bronn won’t be worthy additions to our cutesy, rubbery Westeros or that we aren’t stoked to add Harpy or Night King vinyls. It isn’t that we won’t welcome Jorah, Melisandre or Margaery Tyrell with open arms.

With all due respect to them all…that is a do & Nihe-eyed, dangerously adorable Daenerys atop Drogon. Mother of Dragons, take our money. Now.

The newest line of Funko POP! “Game of Thrones” Vinyl Figures hit retailers everywhere this April, just in time for the new season’s HBO premiere.

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