Game Of Thrones / Bohemian Rhapsody Mashup Hails To The Queen With “Westerosi Rhapsody”

When will Queen’s legendarily breathtaking “Bohemian Rhapsody” lose its appeal as any soundtrack’s flawlessly fitting vehicle for dramatic, chaotic bombast? If we had to hazard a guess, we’d estimate right around the time Freddie Mercury rises from his grave to record something even more raucous and sweeping. As it happens, those are exactly the two qualities that tailor it so well to parodies such as “Westerosi Rhapsody,” an operatic and timely ode to HBO’s equally sweeping and bittersweet medieval-fantasy drama “Game of Thrones” as the series hurtles toward the finale of its penultimate seventh season.

If it weren’t for the copious parade of spoilers spanning the show’s entire run, this would be the only lovably crass summary-in-song we would bother showing anyone who has ever wondered, “Why should I give half a rip about this nonsense when there’s perfectly good football to spend 12 hours of every Sunday watching?” As for fellow George R.R. Martin fanatics? Lend an ear and bend the knee.

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