Game Of Thones Pinball Table Will Stain Your Quarters With Fire And Blood

Brace yourselves. Multiball is coming.

The time has come to choose your House and shed blood – well, quarters – to sit atop the Iron Throne and rule over all Westeros with Stern Pinball, Inc.’s announcement of its GAME OF THRONES Pro, Premium and Limited Edition pinball tables.

As a brave and feared Knight of House Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Baratheon, Martell or Tyrell, you will meet rival Houses head on with GAME OF THRONES actor Rory McCann voicing Sandor “The Hound” Clegane as your guide to a commanding rule over the seven kingdoms.

It’s a superb new addition to the legacy founded on George R.R. Martin’s five acclaimed novels comprising A Song of Ice and Fire, the phenomenal HBO drama that adapts and will eventually even expand its saga, and the successful episodic video game series released last year. Each of the three distinct models of varying prices and exclusivities bear a roaring, flying, fire-breathing animated interactive dragon upon their all-LED play surfaces. Downing the three drop-targets will activate the Lord of Light Lanes to prevent balls from dropping down the sides, along with further progressive rewards. Kickback will launch the ball wildly when lit while awakening the mechanical Sword of Multiball animation will send “reinforcement” balls charging into play. Players can also reap the spoils of Super Jackpots, Playfield Score Multipliers and Wild Fire by activating the Battering Ram.

Lining up three matching symbols on the trio of Pop Bumper-activated Reel Pops™ virtual spinning reels reaps gold that purchases weapons and other useful features. The front-mounted Action button offers an even greater world of interactive opportunities during play – according to Stern’s announcement, the most versatile interactive play expansions any pinball machine has ever offered.

The Pro model alone presents seven multicolor shield inserts honoring each House, each with its own unique special shots up ramps and orbits into individually distinguished special courses. The Premium and Limited Edition GAME OF THRONES tables offer especially striking dynamic full-playfield LED animations with shifting colors and dazzling motion. A foreboding animated dragon watchers over he upper Castle playfield presented in these two models, complete with a second set of full-size flippers for additional shots not available in the Pro edition and a two-“floor” elevator rising to take the ball into battle in the Castle against deadly dragons and warring Houses. Upon the second floor’s Iron Throne, both tables honor the player with especially incredible light shows and effects commemorating every victory tasted along the way.

The Limited Edition table boasts a few perks of which only it could be worthy, not the least of which being its Certificate of Authenticity, designer-autographed playfield, or numbered plaque. More than that, it features renowned artist Bob Stevlik’s breathtaking hand-drawn cabinet and backglass artwork framed by the table’s one-of-a-kind laser-cut, glossy black-powder-coated side armor’s Targaryen sigil, dragon elements and “Fire & Blood” House Targaryen motto highlighted by red mirrored backing.

Of course, like the Iron Throne itself, none of this action and prestige comes without a cost. The GAME OF THRONES Pro model has a MSRP of $5,995, while the Premium model starts at $7,595, and the Limited Edition table can be yours for a mere $8,795.

Source – ComicBook via SternPinball

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