Game Over Bug Zapper Lets Pests Know There Are No Continues Or Respawns

The Game Over Bug Zapper turns any irritating winged pest’s last living moments into an all-too-brief sobering realization that it deserves to be taunted by the very weapon that just sent its insides escaping to the outside.

We’ve tried ascertaining whether insects can eventually contextualize human writing and understand it. Just in case the buzzy little bastards can, we’re glad there’s an electrified swatter powered by two AA batteries with a snarky parting message on its business end that should haunt the insect world’s horror stories for generations to come: “GAME OVER.” With voltage that kills instantly, the actual physical impact is overkill.

Granted, the Game Over Bug Zapper is equipped with a two-button safety activation switch and is perfectly appropriate for indoor or outdoor use. Still, this is not a toy. Its shock doesn’t discriminate, so keep it a safe distance from curious children and pets.

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ZAP! BYE BYE BUGGIES! Show bugs their extra lives have run out

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