Game Boy Refrigerator Magnet Transforms Any Fridge Into A Nintendo Shrine

Nostalgia. GAME ON!

We all grow older, but the grand ol’ dream remains the same: our best friends the ThunderCats run excitedly into the kitchen with us to find our shared Fairy Godmother, Tiffani Thiessen, waving a magic wand and transforming the refrigerator into a massive working Nintendo Game Boy. As she flies away in a DeLorean, we open the door, and…wait…could it be? Is it? It is! Hi-C Ecto-Cooler. Ecto-Cooler for days. Nay…weeks.

After that, we all join Pee-Wee Herman in the living room for a Tecmo Super Bowl tournament to decide who goes around the corner to McDonald’s to buy Arch Deluxes for everyone.

OK, the dream adds a few wrinkles by our thirties. Don’t do drugs, kids. Not even once.

You know what, though? The FreezerBoy refrigerator magnet theme set is still nothing to sneeze at for uplifting our big, drab appliances to transcend from taken-for-granted cold storage to shrines hailing landmark Nintendo nostalgia. We personally think a standard white fridge wears these six magnets best, but there isn’t a stacked fridge-freezer combo anywhere that isn’t gifted a touch of class by the set’s authentically replicated directional pad, Select, Start, B and A buttons and, as a finishing touch, a freezer door-sized screen.

Hey, one additional bonus: the only thing we can ever expect to see colored an unfortunate shade of vomit-green is the lutefisk Duane from Accounting left in the crisper drawer last Valentine’s Day.

Seriously, Duane. Do something about that. Today.

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