Game Boy Heat Change Mug Warps Our Coffee To A World Of Retro Mario & Tetris Warmth

Can you imagine if a classic Nintendo Game Boy could keep your coffee hot while you bounce Mario throughout the Mushroom Kingdom or send Kirby rampaging through Dreamland like it was his own personal all-you-can-eat Sizzler buffet? More to the point, when you consider the juice it took just to keep that snot-green display lit from one end of the world of Pokémon to the other, would anyone care to guess the over-under for how many hundreds of dollars’ worth of batteries you might blow through per carafe of Folgers?

While we can’t get back the rent money we blew trying to beat our personal best times in “Metroid II: Return of Samus,” we now have what we would consider one of the next-best things: this 16-ounce Game Boy Heat-Change Mug.

Our hopes run high that geeks everywhere can one day look back upon this cup as a precursor to a Virtual Boy repurposed into a Keurig. For the time being, we’ll settle for a ceramic vessel with a screen that morphs when warmed by our favorite beverages to depict Mario once more rescuing Daisy from mortal peril. Baby steps, kids. Baby steps.

As with any heat-changing mug, do stick this retro taste of nerdy kitchen kitsch in a dishwasher or microwave if you value its amusing effect. Wash your Game Boy Heat-Change Mug by hand only.

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Time to save the princess all over again

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