Game Box Lunchbox Says No To Hunger Games

Today’s kids are tech savvy, video games are part of their lives, whether parents like it or not. However, since kids love video games so much, clever parents can outmaneuver them to score BIG, especially when it comes to getting their children to eat healthier foods.

Parents can level up their kid’s lunch boxes, adding special power ups that allow their children to score big points on nutritious meals that you prepare for them. How is this possible?

Getting your kids interested in nutritious meals you prepare for them is easy now, with the Retro Game Box Lunchbox designed by Mustard. With retro games, your children can play as they eat from their gaming lunchbox. And, they can eat a lot because the Game Box Lunchbox has five separate compartments, enough food to get them to the next level… and beyond!  If you remember playing your old school gameboy till the wee hours of the morning, then bringing one of these to work will let you relive tetris all over again.  Its also made of BPA free plastic, measuring approximately 20cm x 10.5cm x 13.3cm.

Gamebox-Lunchbox-Gaming-Lunch-Box_grandePre Order from TheFoundry

8 Total Score
You'll Beat Level 99 Hunger!

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