Galaxy Hair Is The Hottest Hairstyle From Out Of This World

We have seen the future of imaginative hair color – and, apparently, it is a cross between interstellar inspiration and MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC.

No, seriously.

Granted, these swirling symphonies of brilliant, daringly matched shades harkens to the explosions of light within a nebula beyond humankind’s reaches of outer space. They’re far from traditional and certainly advanced tapestries of dyes meant to be seen and even a bit shocking.

Still, we look at these otherworldly hues and think not so much, “Ah, reminds us of THE MARTIAN” as “Sweet Rainbow Dash cosplay.” Hey, that’s no bad thing. In fact, consider it a compliment about 20% cooler from us to those bold enough to rock sherbet-chic.

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