Fusion Guitar Integrated With iPhone Just May Change Digital Recording Forever

The revolutionary versatility of the guitar setting CNET, TNW and The Daily Dot abuzz recently has successfully campaigned for the backing to light up the music world on a substantial scale.

The Fusion Guitar is the world’s first and only “smart” electric guitar that integrates its body directly with a physically docked iPhone to create an unheard-of playing experience through a multitude of tutorial, audio-engineering and recording apps. The very simplest way to describe it: the concept transforms the instrument itself into a personal self-contained suite of studio tools.

It took only nine days for the Indiegogo campaign to fund its full-scale production to crush its $35,000 goal with over $120k raised by 319 backers with 17 days remaining to pile on more support.


The docking cradle atop the body provides fingertip access to any resource a guitarist could conceivably hope to have tapped directly into an instrument:

  • Amplifier simulations
  • Stompbox effects
  • Guitar tab apps
  • Virtual tutorials
  • Share audio directly to social networks
  • Instant cloud storage

Even better, the guitar’s built-in speaker, amplifier and battery-pack tears down any boundaries to where music can go. With no power needed, the Fusion Guitar can play absolutely anywhere at any time. No power point required. The 8-track recording syncs seamlessly with SoundCloud, Air Drop, iMessage, Google Drive, One Drive and many more servers to send your songs absolutely anyplace you could hope they would be discovered, heard and/or indefinitely and secured stored for safe-keeping. With studio-comparable recording that converts analog audio beautifully into digital signals and back again with superb 24-bit/48 kHz quality and GarageBand compatibility to track bass, drums, rhythm and lead guitars for seamless integration with JamUp, guitarists the world over can capture cross-talk, noise and feedback-free sound wherever music happens.

It also happens to pack just the kind of nerve-center and finely tuned pieces one could hope for a well-designed guitar to have:

  • Maple neck and rosewood fretboard
  • High/mid-range driver paired with two 30W European-designed Tymphany Peerless full-range speakers for HD-quality sound
  • U.S. designed Class-D 20W amplifier
  • Single-coil tap high output hot rail humbucker pickups – each with a 7.8K ohms coil giving 15.6K ohms in humbucking
  • Lithium-ion battery power delivers charges in just over an hour for 12 hours of play

Oh, quite possibly sweetest of all? The Fusion Guitar prices at under $500.


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