Cat Egg Mold Makes Purrrfect Sunny Side Up Eggs Breakfast

Human beings are strange little creatures. It won’t take much to frighten off any interstellar tourists who drop by for a cuppa and a potty/experimental-probing break. Of this, we are certain. We’ll simply offer them cooked unborn avian embryos formed into a face with the Fred & Friends Funny Side Up Cat Egg Mold and demonstrate that breakfasts are never more delicious than when they peer soullessly back at us with every bite. Mmmm, the face is where the choice meets await.

You see, that’s how we consume a thing’s power.

Simply crack an egg in which of the food-safe silicone frame’s eye sockets. They’ll hold in the delicious yolk while the runny whites run through the remaining mold to fill out the face. Take some liberties and get decorative by sprinkling about some seasonings, pepper, onions or bacon to make a more scrumptious visage. Let diced ham color in the tender pink of the earlobes. Give Fluffy a sriracha smile.

Here, kitty-kitty.



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