Funny Side Up Robot Egg Mold Shares Breakfast With Our Future Overlords

You just woke up, hungry for breakfast with eggs, and you have to decide on either sunny-side up or Funny Side Up style. It’s an obvious choice, especially when you have kids in the house; anything to get them motivated to eat well in the morning.

However, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy your breakfast with this fun eggs maker. If you like the cartoon show ‘Futurama’, then you can’t help notice the very similar likeness to Bender the robot.

When you use this handy frame to shape your eggs, your morning routine seems a bit more enjoyable. All you have to do is crack two eggs, if you got’em, into the rings and watch what happens – the eggs quickly take form to look like one of Bender’s close relatives. It’s silly, but seriously fun, to make and eat fried eggs in the morning.

Robot-Egg-Mold (1)Robot-Egg-Mold (2)Robot-Egg-Mold (4)

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Bender would be in love with this kind of breakfast

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