Funko POP! Vinyl Minions Babble Their Weird Little Ways Into Our Hearts

So…Minions, are we right?

No rational-minded person could convincingly explain it: the gibberish-spewing cutesy-relief concocted for the wildly beloved 2010 Universal Pictures animated romp Despicable Me won over so many hearts and minds between their debut and its 2013 sequel, their own starring movie became inevitable. This summer, the (and I am quoting this exactly from Radio Dead Air host Nash Bozard’s Twitter) “little yellow babbling crazy-pants monster corn nuggets” carried Minions to a half-billion-dollar opening weekend. Banana, indeed.

Hence, also inevitable? The gift of immortality by infectiously adorable merchandise!

Bright side, parents: these lovable Funko POP! Vinyl Minions will never be mistaken for spontaneously cursing you out. If one should do so, have someone you trust implicitly read you your medication’s instruction label aloud very slowly.

If that part checks out…hide.

Take your pick of 3 3/4″-tall Eye, Matie, King Bob, or the proudly starkers Au Naturel. Any of the above is tailor-made for every evil overlord with a big, soft, roomy heart. These officially licensed figurines are designed for anyone ages 3 years old and up. These do contain small parts that may create choking hazards for children under 3 years old. Funko POP Vinyl Minions 3Funko POP Vinyl Minions 2Funko POP Vinyl Minions 1

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