Funko Pop Arrow Figures Keep You Satisfied While You Wait For The New Season

Comics have been around since the 19th century, and dust is only going to accumulate on your old comics whether you’ve chosen to side with Marvel or DC. While you may love those age-old stories of your favorite superheroes, you may be thirsting to take your inner geek for a walk on dry land.Fortunately for DC-Comic enthusiasts Funko Pop! is bringing you some comic-book realness from The Green Arrow’s perspective in their line of Arrow vinyl figures. Choose from Black Canary, Deathstroke, Oliver Queen, or The Hood in this collection of 3 ¾ tall figurines. Funko Pop! already has an extensive collection of figures, so why not complete your collection?

Arrow’s season 4 won’t begin for quite some time, so kill that impatience with an extension of your geeky self.

Funko 5342 POP TV: Arrow - Black Canary Action Figure Funko 5343 POP TV: Arrow - Deathstroke Action Figure Funko 5341 POP TV: Arrow - Oliver Queen 'the Green Arrow' Action Figure Funko 5346 POP TV: Arrow - The 'Hood' Action Figure
Source – ThinkGeek
Funko Pop! Arrow Characters
Funko Pop! Arrow Characters
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