Funko Orange Is the New Black Figures Let You Hone Your Cavity Search Skills

Being a prisoner in a women’s prison is no laughing matter, especially when you’re a white woman with no criminal history and a lanky physique. The struggle is real. Whatever the case may be, Orange is the New Black has received critical acclaim, and for good reason too.
This comedy drama series tackles a whole boat load of sensitive issues while keeping things entertaining. Funko is bringing their own adaptation into the fold with their line of vinyl figures based on your favorite criminal delinquents.

Whether you’ve got a soft spot for the awkward relationship between Piper and Alex or you can’t get enough of Red, Crazy Eyes, or Pornstache, it looks like Orange is here to stay for quite some time.
Funko Orange Is The New Black 1 Funko Orange Is The New Black 2 Funko Orange Is The New Black 3 Funko Orange Is The New Black 4 Funko Orange Is The New Black 5
Source – Awesomer

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