Funko Back To The Future DeLorean Arrives In Time For The Holiday

Roads? Where Marty McFly’s Funko POP! BACK TO THE FUTURE DeLorean goes, they won’t need roads….

No, seriously. After lacing about six Ritalin into his fried peanut butter-and-banana sandwich and watching him stare at it for eight hours straight, Duane from Accounting can confirm that Marty and Doc’s slick time-traveling silver wonder won’t spontaneously rip twin flaming trails behind it as it gooses up to 88 mph down your desk or bookshelf. It just sits there.

Yeah, we’re disappointed too. Also, sorry, Duane.

Don’t remember Doc’s DeLorean with standard doors and a sunroof? Well, that’s because this classic 1985 ride accommodates one lovable Marty McFly Funko POP! Vinyl figurine, but the pride of Hill Valley can just as easily swap out anytime, say, The Tenth Doctor fancies a different spin on time and space, Mr. Peabody is craving a Way-Back Machine with style, or Phillip J. Fry decides he wants to see what he missed out on during that 2000-year refrigerated siesta.

Or, hey, maybe Doc just decides Marty has had his fun and decides to shove the life-jacket-wearing little troublemaker into a vacant blue box somewhere and enjoy his own invention, for a change.

Wherever It Goes, Funko’s Pop Rides BACK TO THE FUTURE DeLorean Gets Back In Time

Funko Back to the Future DeLorean


Delorean w/ Marty: Funko POP! Rides x Back to the Future Vinyl Figure
Delorean w/ Marty: Funko POP! Rides x Back to the Future Vinyl Figure
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