Funko Ant-Man & Ant-Thony Flying Pop! Vinyl Set Is The Ultimate Insect Ride

Did ANT-MAN introduce you to a brand-new favorite Marvel superhero this past summer? Happen to be in the early market for a roommate for your eventual Holiday Dancing Groot POP Vinyl? Well, then Funko is once more your patron saint of sweet licensed collectibles.

Now available for pre-order and dropping this December just in time for some eleventh-hour holiday gift grabs, the Funko POP Vinyls Ant-Man & Ant-Thony the Flying Ant Set honoring Marvel’s smallest hero and his airborne steed is an answer to pleas from Marvel-merch aficionados that have been ringing out since before the pleasantly surprising blockbuster hit theaters. Scott Lang and Ant-Thony’s entry marks the 13th Rides series entrant, and depending on whether you count the Deadpool Chimichanga Trucks set, either the third or forth unique Rides entry.

Funko may have made a bit of a transparent cash-grab this year with three repainted re-releases of the same Ant-Man POP Vinyl mold (if you count the unmasked edition, four) but this set literally breaks that mold and casts Lang in a unique pose gripping Ant-Thony’s handlebars sans the other versions’ closed fists. Might we also say, Ant-Thony’s semi-translucent wings and excellent detailing make for a very fine debut in itself.

We wouldn’t wait around to lock a set down with an online “dibs”. The set will hit shelves with just weeks to spare before Christmas and will probably mean going full King Leonidas across a local retailer to snag one in person.



Source – MarvelToyNews

Funko Ant-Man and Ant-Thony Pop! Vinyl Vehicle with Figure
Funko Ant-Man and Ant-Thony Pop! Vinyl Vehicle with Figure
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Our Favorite Insect Ever!

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