FUJIFILM X100F Pours Revolutionary Tech Into A Classic Camera’s Body

The Fujifilm X100F is nothing less than a throwback tactile delight to hold and operate. Incredibly, the satisfying vintage look and feel of this long-awaited addition to the FUJIFILM X series only makes up about half its appeal. As uniquely pleasing as its authentic retro design certainly is, prepare to truly be left speechless by just how genuinely it duplicates its advanced X-Processor Pro and ACROS mode reproduce the bygone days of shooting monochrome film with abyssal blacks, gorgeous textures, and flawless gradation.

A master manufacturer renowned for smoothly adapting across the 80-year spectrum of evolution from analog to digital photography, the Fujifilm X100F’s Film Simulation options offer 15 modes designed to reproduce the crisp, vivid colors and warm skin tones that set the classic era of photography apart, including three settings respectively tailored after Fujifilm’s own signature PROVIA/Standard, Velvia/Vivid, and ASTIA/Soft lines of film. Fujifilm paired devoted analog emulation with not only the X-Processor Pro’s remarkable ISO sensitivity, minimal noise and superlative tone gradation and color reproduction in both video and still modes but the high-performance 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III APS-C sensor with no low-pass filter, the fast focus-area selection of an instinctive analog focus lever, an Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder and digital teleconverter to merge the finest aspects of “Then” and “Now.”

The X100F marks Fujifilm’s first lens-integrated X Series model to offer an eight-direction focus lever for the swiftest possible AF point selection without losing composition. It boasts all the hallmarks of its line’s time-honored practicality and aesthetics with the ability to glance down quickly at the top plate to confirm exposure settings even when the camera is powered down. The knurled exposure compensation and shutter speed dials function with appreciably comfortable operability thanks in no small part to the tactile appeal of premium milled metal.

Building the ISO dial directly into the shutter speed control gives it a feel evocative of a model plucked straight from yesteryear and allows for selecting the desired ISO through the unobtrusive viewing window by simply lifting the dial’s outer portion. Setting the ISO to “A” and selecting “Command” in the settings enables the front command dial’s quickest ISO adjustments for extra-efficient control. Ringing the X100F’s dials around the shutter release button has always made for easy instant adjustments without fumbling all around the camera for controls when you need to tweak settings on the fly and this particular take is no different.

In addition, the front command dial allows for exposure compensation up to ±5-step even while actively checking results in the EVF by setting the ergonomically positioned exposure compensation dial to “C” position. Finally, positioning the most frequently used operational features together to the right of the X100F’s LCD monitor makes it easy to quickly operate them with your right thumb alone for effective, firm one-handed shooting.

The Fujifilm X100F offers everything you’ve missed about shooting film alongside all the modern photographic conveniences you can’t help but appreciate.


Source – Fuji Film USA

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