Fujifilm X-Pro2 Mirrorless Camera Has Arrived & It’s Glorious!

Mirrorless cameras, such as the X-Pro1, by Fujifilm, back in 2012, was received with much anticipation. Well, now Fujifilm’s X-Pro2 is here, and it too is receiving attention, because it features many new updates, such as hybrid optical and an electronic viewfinder.

Fujifilm has listen to customers’ suggestions and made some improvements with the overlay and notification and options regarding focus and exposure settings, making it easier for users. The classic styled X-Pro2 can take some incredible pictures at lightning-speed, up to eight frames per second, continuously using phase-detection auto-focus.

This is a much awaited camera, one that is worth your time viewing its specifications, especially if you take pictures for money or as a serious hobby. The price of the X-Pro2 is roughly $400 more than the original X-Pro1, and will cost approximately $1,700. Is it worth it? If you know cameras, and you check-out the specs on the X-Pro2, then the price will seem fitting.


Fujifilm X-Pro2-9Fujifilm X-Pro2-7fFujifilm X-Pro2-8Fujifilm X-Pro2-4Fujifilm X-Pro2-2Fujifilm X-Pro2-5Fujifilm X-Pro2-1Fujifilm X-Pro2-10

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