Fruit Of The Loom’s Corporate America Sweatsuit Collection Attains Peak Business Casual Comfort

Fruit of the Loom has finally made up the ground separating swank style from functional comfort. We long for day Corporate America concedes that there’s something to be said for the 2016 Professional Collection’s printed fleece sweatsuits designed to emulate “formal” styles that actually left us fooled and gobsmacked at first glance.

Seriously, the quintessential purveyors of tighty-whitey finery are onto something. Picture how at-ease you are when stretched out across the couch on a Sunday morning in your favorite leisurely outerwear. Everything fits with a loose ease, your whole body can breathe, and thoughts just seem to float to you on one wandering cloud after another.

Now, imagine how you feel when gussied up in fancy businesswear or formal attire. You’re constricted. Stiff. Tense. Anyone who professes to be “comfortable” in a tie might as well be claiming to appreciate the way a noose feels.

Whether you choose Business Time, Country Clubber, Corporate Cowboy, or Nobody’s Sucker for your next supremely casual night on the town, you’ll be covered in cozy couture from your neck to ankles. Unfortunately, unless you happen to be David Tennant, you probably can’t pull off sneakers with a suit and should grin and bear more refined footwear to pull off the illusion without anyone giving your attire a second look. Still, at only $50 each, you could own two or three of each for a bit less than what a single masterfully tailored suit will set you back.

Unfortunately, they are completely sold out, so getting one of these in time for christmas is unlikely. However, with the extreme demand for these, we can bet these will be around soon enough.

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