Froot Loop-Covered Oreo Chocolate Cups Are What You’ve Been Waiting For

Man’s assuredness too often becomes his downfall. For example, our conviction that sugar-laden breakfast indulgences inspired by lazy weekends and non-gym “cheat days” couldn’t taste more satisfyingly saccharine than Reese’s Puffs cereal.

Well, that was our last illusion. We likely aren’t alone in the universe. Elvis is dead. The gods who weave together and sustain all creation couldn’t care less, even with Herculean effort, what color disposable cup holds my coffee. Finally, there’s a greater, more ethereally delicious treat we could have been enjoying all along.

The answer, as you’ll see below: Froot Loops-covered Oreo chocolate cups. Until “Yes, I’ll marry you” or “We’re having a baby”, those are now the happiest words you’ve ever heard strung together into a sentence.

You will need Oreo cookies, Froot Loops, chocolate chips, and butter. We’re pretty sure that covers half the short list of things on this mortal plain of existence entirely devoid of even trace amounts of evil.Oreo-Fruit-Loops-Cup


Source – ThatsNerdalicious via Pixable / Cakes Step by Step

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