Fresh Face Custom Air Fresheners Humanizes Your Car’s Improved Aroma

Ah, that new-car smell. Why must its glory be so fleeting? How could such a heady olfactory essence be so fragile and fade so quickly?

It’s your fault. You. Yes, you. With every rush-hour gridlock burrito fart, every dribble of gym sweat that trails down the crack of your ass, your own uniquely aromatic “eau de parfum” smothers away that rich, distinctive scent of virginal upholstery. Once it’s gone, it never truly returns.

Want to “save face” the next time a passenger settles into your seats and observes that your car smells like you’ve been moonlighting as an Uber driver shepherding sumo wrestlers home after training? We proudly recommend Fresh Face, the automobile air-freshener that plasters the mug shots of your choice onto a hanging accessory that diffuses your choice of Bacon, Fresh Linen, Island Breeze, Coffee, or even an authentic-smelling New Car scent throughout your vehicle’s interior.

Just choose your aroma of choice, click “Personalized”, and offer up one or several close-up snapshots from your favorite photos. Fresh Face will slap a cropped mugshot onto each side for you, your passengers, and neighboring motorists alike to enjoy while your scents of choice restore your tainted upholstery to something resembling its former glory. All the while, you’ll be stared down by friends, family, co-workers, and celebrity “Hall Pass” crushes judging you for sowing your reek in your ride’s formerly pristine seats.


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