French Wingsuit Flight Will Terrify The Shit Out Of You!

Folks, some appreciation for the awe we promise this GoPro footage of a 2500m Chamonix Wingsuit flight will deliver is best expressed with all the likes, retweets and social shares you can manage. After all, we had to change our pants three times just watching daredevil Brandon Mikesell soar down the side of Le Brévent mountain in France. Mikesell apparently didn’t want to get so far from the ground to give it separation anxiety. The intrepid daredevil skims it seemingly close enough to reach down and give it an altogether-too-low five any time he likes.

Fine, we’ll go ahead and make with the obvious: stay on the right side of Darwinism – DO NOT TRY THIS FOR YOURSELF.

Source- GeekologieBrandon’s Twitter

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