French Fry Burger Bomb Ushers in the Next Generation of Obesity

Burgers and fries have been a fast-food staple for what seems like eons. Our world eats billions of burgers a year, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. In this ongoing monotonous trend, you’d think restaurants have thought of everything, but a chef who goes by The Vulgar Chef has concocted a monster of epic proportions that’s sure to get some attention.

The Vulgar Chef is a firm believer of the French fry and burger union and has taken the marriage to a new level in his French Fry Burger. Surely you’ve put French fries in your burger at some point. Well to the Vulgar Chef that wasn’t enough. His burger has cheese on both sides and has a French fry bun. That’s right, heart attack burger coming right up!

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