Freeze Beer Glass Keeps Drinks Ice Cold All The Time

So, you like cold beer? Well, then you know what it’s like during the first couple minutes, ice-cold goodness. And then, your beer gets warm. It happens all the time, but what would you say if you found a special kind of beer class that ‘actually’ kept your beer nice and icy cold for much longer than 5 minutes?

Well, such as beer glass does exist and it is specially designed by scientists somewhere who must love beer. It’s called the Freeze Beer Glass with integrated silicone hand koozie. The koozie does sound cozy, and it is. It prevents your hands from freezing because of the cooling gel trap between the double-walls of the class keep your beer or other beverage cold as ice.

The cozy koozie also helps to keep the warmth of your hand from heating up your beer, which is not a good thing. If you like beer, ‘cold’ beer, and you want to enjoy it without having to drink it fast before it turns warm, then cozy-up to the Freeze Beer Glass with integrated silicone koozie.Freeze Beer Glass 2Freeze Beer Glass 4Freeze Beer Glass 3Freeze Beer Glass 5

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