Freak Masks Let You Become Anyone (While Looking Highly Disturbing)

Have you ever wanted to hide your own face? Or to become someone else? Or perhaps you like the idea of you partner looking more like Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt than they currently do?

Whatever the case, ‘Freak Masks’ can certainly help. These are masks that you print yourself and which then look surprisingly realistic when pulled over your head. They’re also pretty perfect for Halloween.

While the masks let you get pretty creative though, they’re also… slightly terrifying in an ‘uncanny valley’ kind of way. This might be seen as a good thing depending on what you have planned for them but don’t expect to be able to sneak in anywhere like Mission Impossible…

Freak Masks 2 Freak Masks 3 Freak Masks 4 Freak Masks 5 Freak Masks 6 Freak Masks 7 Freak Masks 8 Freak Masks 9 Freak Masks 11 Freak Masks 12 Freak Masks 1


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