Frankenstein Monster Paperclip Holder Organizes Your Lab Office In The Dark

The horror genre in fiction is a thriving beast of its own, but which stories have really made the most impact? You may have seen the dozens of Stephen King movies out there, but they’re nothing compared to the classic story of Frankenstein. Originally written by Mary Shelley, a young scientist raises a monster from the dead that wreaks havoc on the young man’s life.

You probably loved I, Frankenstein or the show Penny Dreadful, so why not embrace your freakish love for the macabre in Doctor Frankenstein’s latest utilitarian creation? The severed head of Frankenstein, now sporting some shades, is ready to take that office drama while magnetically holding your paperclips. He may not have a magnetic personality, but surely you can make up for that, right?

This monstrous creation from the mad scientists brains over at Just Mustard draws in anything magnetic with its magnetized head that glows in the dark so you’ll never be fumbling around for office supplies when creating creatures in the dark.

Frankenstein Monster Paperclip Holder Glow In the Dark 1Frankenstein Monster Paperclip Holder Glow In the Dark 3

Source – JustMustard

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